In quite depressing and stressed life routine, we usually look forward for some kind of motivation and inspiration through others. And most of the time, we use to say that we are not getting positive wives or we aren’t motivated to enjoy our work. If all of us will wear such attitude, then from where we will get these positive wives.

Just think over it! Did you get your answer or still waiting someone to help you? Let us start!

The place, where we live, stay and spend our most of the time, will definitely make us inspire and motivate, but we need to work over it. From interior to decorative pieces, we need to revamp everything.

Things that can make your day worthy!

There are a lot of things available online and offline that can make your day and help to revamp your house as per your requirement. Although several items can make you confuse and a wrong decision can ruin your plan, so be focused, have patience and be motivated to choose one from them. As motivation requires a lot to live a great life, we need to know our-self first than others. And always try to learn, as this quote stats-

“We learn something from everyone who passes through our lives.. Some lessons are painful, some are painless..but, all are priceless.”

– Unknown

To make yourself motivated and inspired through your loving home, do care about a few things-

Cleanliness and purity

A clean environment always tends to great start of the day. And by the habit of cleanliness, we can do a bit of a workout too. Through a clean surface and walls we get energetic feel and can positively charge ourselves. Just try it once and will definitely get attentive, inspiring and motivated morning.

Interior and decorative pieces

What makes a house looks comfortable, interested and adorable, obviously their interior and decoration. So make it more worthful rather making it clumsy and messy. Do experiments, but not in a wrong way.Try to include ancient items, Vastu related items, classical pieces of home decor items and adorable arts to decorate walls. Even you can try out Persian design rugs or modern carpets to decor your surface.


Although having different artifacts and precious decorative pieces can enhance the beauty of a house, but that’s not necessary, they will help you to get peace, motivation and inspiration. Adopt recommended and specific products from highly reliable and assured web portals or feasible stores.

Keep your house Vastu enabled

While the ancient look makes your house fabulous and trendy things improve the interior, there of Vastu items such as artworks, candles, statues of God and other elements makes your house soulful, peaceful and can make you feel the presence of the lord.

Interior as per the guidelines of Vastu and Feng-shew can make your house more meaningful and make your lives more inspired and motivated. According to Vastu, facing north or east, while sitting on the sofa or laying on bed inherits positive energy and makes you feel inner peace and happiness. Even it suggests you do not keep few things such as cactus, dark colors at the entrance (Red, Black and Gray), bonsai tree, red flower plants, statues of wild beasts, anything related to Ramayana and Mahabharata, scary marks, aggressive paintings, overhead beams and cluttering of objects. Even Vastu suggests do not place sleepers or footwear under the bed, as it causes disruptions while sleeping.

Start your day with Yoga and aerobics

Though these things will make you fit and sparks a great pitch of energy inside you, this will spread positive wives inside your house too. While Yoga is a traditional way of calmness, meditation and exercise, thereof aerobics makes your body move.

In ancient time, saints were used Yoga to acquire peace of mind, this is still a great way to deal with hurdles, worries and tensions, arises due to the struggles and hectic life routine.


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