Things quite change with the time, earlier when I was just 10 years old, I usually saw my mother excitingly preparing whole day for the rituals and traditions, we know today. She decorates the house, prepares delicious food and follow every step as her mother-in-law guided.

One day, I reached home bit late from school and saw my mother was preparing different things like- Diya, Roli, Chawal, etc. and arranging them in a decorated plate. I was curious to know what she was actually doing. I stepped to her silently to mesmerize her, but as usual she knows that it’s me behind her. I always thought how could she recognize me without looking at me. Don’t know how, but she did it accurately.

karva chauth 2016

Well, I asked her about the preparation and she said “today is Karva Chauth and I am preparing for it”. Actually, at that moment, I didn’t know what she said, I just shake my head and move from there. But after a few hours, when I chase my mother’s routine, I noticed that she haven’t eaten anything, even she didn’t drink water for several hours. That’s quite surprising for me. I asked her about that and she replied innocently, “As I said earlier, today is Karva Chauth and I am just following the ritual nothing else. According to the beliefs, we have to do fast and pray on this day for the long lives of our dearest husband and do a short puja after moon rise.”

Suddenly someone shouted loudly “MOON RAISED” and mom stands up in a rush. She prepared Puja Thal and arranged other ingredients. After completing all rituals, pray and puja, my father offer a piece of sweet to her and she admirely accepted it.

When everything is over and everybody is going inside, my father hold my mother’s hand in a sudden act and put a wrap over the palm. She goes super excited and hug my father, that’s an amazing act for me, but somehow it makes me happy.

After all things, my father came near to me and asked for the day. With a casual conversion, as I generally had, I asked about the gift wrap and my father just smiled first. After a few seconds of pause, he said: “it was a gift for your mother, the one that adore most of the girls and women.” Actually I didn’t get what it was, but I made myself quite.

After several years of that day, I identified that it was a jewelry for my mother, which obviously adore every girl and woman. I inherit my father’s specialty and always try to make my loved one happy by buying unique and adorable jewelry items on each and every special occasion.

karva chauth

Karva chauth is one of them, when I usually buy jewelry for my love and try to make her smile and feel special. That’s why I know how to make my love smile on this karva chauth. I usually buy authentic and certified jewelry from online portals, not because they are the only way but they are one of the authentic place for genuine jewelry.

Let’s explore my favorite jewelry portals that make you feel as special as I feel:


One of the most popular jewelry portal that adore a user with unique designs, economic range and try at home feature. You can explore a huge range of jewelry – earrings, rings, bangles, necklaces, etc. along with solitaire jewelry and gold coins. Portal assures you about the quality and purity of the gold items as it contains purity certificate and expert association. Moreover that portal also has different collections from existing brands to diversify your purchase and lifetime exchange offer.


Easy to use navigation, huge range of products, elegant UI and unique design is the forte of caratlane. From sterling silver to 22 carat gold and from gemstone to diamond, caratlane has everything that a woman want. You can choose one from the collection and try it at your home without any hidden charge.


Not so famous like Bluestone or Caratlane, but still it has a unique approach that attracts me to become a regular user. I used to visit it once in a month to explore what’s new in its collection and believe me it never let my expectations down. Its earring and ring collection adore me the most and lead me sometimes to buy one for my love.


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