Home Security has become an essential requirement while considering current status of terror, violence, robbery and other illegal elements. Although there are several organizations, who provides security systems in which they includes – sensors, alert system, secured lock systems, wired surveillance cameras and much more, but these aren’t sufficient. Technically sound thieves can break those hurdles and do whatever they want to do without any fear.

To avoid threats we usually pick wired surveillance cameras for the security. These are professional, elegant and real time streaming solution and a great option. But have few limitations such as limited radius, inaccurate night vision, easy to hack and not accessible when not in the house. So, how can you secure your house from those illegal entrants?

Obviously, these aren’t enough, but technology always revive. With a great change in look, features and security options – Vivien Muller has created a great surveillance camera, which has an owl look, wireless and can capture 270 degree area.

This cute, expressive and intelligent surveillance camera named “Ulo” work similar as the other surveillance cameras do. But this has several other special features as wireless, expressive eyes, and real time streaming.

What comes in “Ulo”?

According to Vivien Muller,

“Ulo is a cute surveillance camera, a pet owl interacting with you through eye expressions.”


It is much more than a simple surveillance camera. It can express, it can capture 270 degree area and can stream live recordings. Ulo works well in both conditions – with Wi-Fi and without.

More than that, it can auto switch to alert mode when you leave your house, which shows its intelligence. Although it’s an upcoming gadget that will appear in November, 2016, but you can own it by doing a pre-order at kickstarter.com

Let’s start with the anatomy of Ulo–

ULO - Anatomy

Expressive Eyes that can be customized

Ulo can express what it feels through its expressive eyes. Vivien used 2 round LCD screens, specially designed for smartwatches to create broad eyes for the owl and fill it with different shades, which can be customized through linked software or application.

Eye customization

Through the app, you can select different shades and eye colors as per your choice and make it more expressive. Ulo expresses its mood through its eyes such as-

  1. When the level of battery becomes lesser than 10%, Ulo expresses like it’s tired and slowly make its lid down.
  2. When we tried to take snapshots, Ulo blinks its eyes.
  3. Whenever we move our hand over the owl to tap once or twice, Ulo’s eyes will follow the movements.
  4. When we stream live video, Ulo squints.

There are more expressions through random animations that appears with Ulo.

Live Streaming and Alert Mode

Ulo allows both ways- live streaming and recording mode and can be auto switched- intelligently.  It allows you to keep your eyes on the movements of baby room through live video streaming and can switch into alert mode automatically when you leave your house or by double taps on the head. While in alert mode, Ulo sends videos on your email or linked cloud storage to keep you aware all the time.

ULO Alert Mode

You can ask for the snapshots through application or software and Ulo sends you instant images directly to your email or your Dropbox. Even, it makes you more secure through its infrared night vision feature, which streams clear videos in complete dark.

ULO Night Mode
Infrared night vision

Durable, Reliable and Expressive

Ulo is a rechargeable surveillance system, that’s why it solely depends on the battery. With all eye expressions, Ulo can work for 2 days and under alert mode, it can work almost a week. Even you can use it with plugged-in mode, which means the cute owl will work for you all the time.

ULO Active catching
Reliable Active Caching

Due to its infrared night vision, it can be used for outside surveillance. This feature makes it more reliable as it captures clearer videos in complete dark. Vivien has improved its outside working through making it waterproof, but it relies on the temperature (-10°C/14°F to 50°C/122°F).

More than these features, Ulo loves to interact with you through its eyes, even it can communicate with you through an in-build speaker. You can customize sounds and make it more interactive, like the customized eye expressions.

Extended, Compatible and Useful

Ulo uses web services to access the features online, this makes it compatible with all devices and operating systems. Although Ulo application is also available for the native devices (dedicated application for Android and iOS). So, anyone can access it without any dependency.

To make it more feasible and useful, Vivien makes it compatible with IFTTT (if this, then that), which means the functionalities of Ulocan trigger or be triggered through connected devices or web services. IFTTT allows a user to create different services to make some changes in functionalities or expressions on a particular moment/time/event, such as-

  • On a birthday alert, Ulo will automatically change its mood to happy.
  • If weather change, Ulo will turn into grumpy mode, etc.



Vivien included discrete adhesive neodymium magnet at the bottom of Ulo, which allows it to stick to any surface either it is flat or a wall. With a moving base, Ulo can be hanged or stick and this can’t affect its working due to proper alignment of sensors.

ULO Orientation

More security with evolved features

Ulo assuresto the security that’s why it never connects to third party servers. It saves few minutes video locally and sends data to your personal devices if needed. Your personal device will connect through QR validation and has a unique password plus a second step authentication too. Even Ulo requires to renew this validation process in every 6 months.

From the day of the announcement (Oct, 2015) to till date, Vivien has evolved several features in the cute owl –Ulo, and continually making it more valuable. Now it is waterproof, IFTTT compatible and more expressive in terms of mode expressions, movement sensors, etc.

Ulo Video Presentation –


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