“Combination of EASE, PERFORMANCE and UTILITIES along with a great UI, makes the Android operating systems a first choice for mobile users.”

Since the first release, world’s leading mobile operating system – Android shows its potential to rule the industry and compete with iOS. With a rapid growth, leading mobile operating system spreads its wings and tries to capture need of the user.

Now Android has became a great brand and is also acquired by the leading franchise “Google”. With this acquisition, Android improves the functionality and performance that helps it to boost up the growth and version updates.

Within a few years’ time-span, Android has released its 7th major version “Android N” or we can say “Android 7.0 Nougat”, another name of sweet for it. That’s not a sudden release; the company runs different campaigns from name suggestions to developer release, prior to that beta release on August 22nd, 2016.

Officially released “Android 7.0 Nougat” will come with selected Nexus devices and other device users need to wait for the upgrades, as revealed in the tweet on their official account:

@Android – It’s official! #AndroidNougat starts rolling out today on select #Nexus devices (5X, 6, 6P, 9 and Pixel C). -11:37 am – 22 Aug 2016

Let’s explore the trends in mobile operating system – Android 7.0 Nougat!

What’s new in Android 7.0?

In an Alphabetical ordered sweet’s name concept, Android has released its latest mobile operating version – “Android 7.0 Nougat“ or in short “Android N”.

Android N is a few steps ahead of their previous Marshmallow version. Where Marshmallow takes almost 1.1 GB space while update, Nougat requires only 49.5 MB. Not even its storage, Nougat adds betterment in performance, UI, features and ease.

As a forward step, Android mixed up multi-window feature, which appears in Google’s windows 10, along with drag and drop facility. Which means you can directly drag and drop your context in another application.

Along with that, Android incorporates a multi-local-language feature in Nougat, which makes your chit-chat more comfortable. You can mix more than two languages at the same time, including 1500 different emojis.

#Battery Saver Mode

Battery backup is a questionable thing with the previous Android Versions. But with Android N, you can doze it. Nougat intelligently switches your device into high power to low power consumption mode while you’re not using it or simply keeping it in your pocket.

Android N Doze mode

Moreover, lesser update space will make your battery life improve and react over unwanted and unusable running apps at the back-end.

#OS that understands your feelings

We are more comfortable and expressive, while communicating in our mother-tongue and believing on that Android comes up with a mobile OS that understands your feelings. In Android 7.0, Android incorporates the feature of multi-language support. Means you can use two or more languages at the same time, including local ones to express yourself.

With this update, you will get more expressions through updated 1500 emojis. Express more, feel more and engage more with new Android 7.0  Nougat.

#Enjoy split screens

Having trouble while accessing multiple applications at the same span of time, if yes then Android 7.0 is here. Nougat inherits the features of multi-window,which appears in Windows 10 recently. Means you can access and operates multiple apps with a double tap option and switch between them easily. Even you can access two apps at the same time through multi-screen feature.

Android N Split Screens

#Experience the real gaming world

Is gaming your weakness? If yes, then move ahead with Android Nougat. Nougat incorporates the Vulkan API,which knows for the best gaming experience, faster performance, great 3D visualization and amazing effects. So, experience the gaming world in an entire new way through Vulkan API incorporated in Android Nougat.

#Customize settings and notifications

Android Nougat makes you allow to customize the header notification area along with the quick setting tab. Now, you can select your favorite settings at your quick tab and make your notification more frank with direct reply and the bundle option.

Directly participates in the conversation and customize quick setting tile to get your useful settings faster then ever.

#Feel the VIP feel through the direct boot

Phones auto reboot is quite common and it will happen with almost every device. It is required as well to procure a device from threads and bugs, but it will somehow affect our routine. Due to an auto reboot, we miss an important call, alarms and much more several times, but with Nougat it will not happen again.

Nougat comes with an intelligent direct boot option. In which, we can prioritize our apps and they will work flawlessly even in booting mode. They will be in encrypted mode, so we can hear our important calls, alarms and other notifications without any delay.

#Direct Drag and Drop

Just like a system, we always look to get drag and drop feature in our cellphones too, previously that wasn’t possible but now it’s no more a rumor. With Android N, we will get this feature and can use it with the split window feature. Just select, hold and drop to a separate window, isn’t it easier to send information? Enjoy it with Android 7.0 Nougat!

Few Last Words!

Let’s enjoy the unexpected things with the new Android 7.0! Another Android update that rolled out recently on August 22nd, 2016 with great features – Multi window, drag and drop, re-arrange quick setting tile, customize notifications, improved battery life, more expressive, amazing gaming experience and much more.

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