According to the RBI report, there are several hidden security features available in the old 500 and 1000 rupee notes that can block cash hijacking. But in reality, lots of fake currency already circulating in the market.

In the news, RBI authorities confirm that almost 16.5 billion 500 rupee notes already circulating in the market along with 6.7 billion 1000 rupee notes. That’s just the legal calculation, but there are more money floating in the market, which is fake somehow.

See what URJIT PATEL and other authorities discussed with media about new currency, demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes and on other aspects!

To stop and hold that black money, new version of currency is surely needed. Although that’s not a go through idea, but PM Modi meet with the team of “ArthaKranti“ and understands the pros and cons of this demonetization. Prominent member of the team Er. Anil Bokil advised him to ban the higher value currencies and reversed back 56 types of taxes to moralized common man for that. PM Modi accepted their proposal and agreed to ban the higher value notes.

After getting an immediate announcement, RBI also announces the newest version of the 500 rupee note and newer 2000 rupee notes. And in the new currency notes, there are several more secure features available.

500 rupee banknote features –

Before talking about the features of new 500 rupee currency, first of all take a look at the new note. RBI changed the color schemes for that and applied new stone grey color with a multi-lingual concept. Check out the new design of Rs. 500 banknote’s new series beneath –

New 500 rupee note features

2000 rupee banknote features –

Along with Rs. 500 banknote’s new series, RBI also launched a 2000 rupee banknote series that has several security features obverse and reverse sides. RBI announces 2000 rupee note to replace old 1000 rupee series banknotes. According to the RBI authorities, it’s almost impossible to fake these series as they have several security features. Check out the new design of Rs. 2000 banknote’s new series beneath –

New 2000 rupee note features

Few Last Words!

With a futuristic approach, PM Modi takes this bold step and that’s definitely holding back the black money and terror funding. It will impact positively on the economy of the country and improves several aspects. By circulating new currency and demonetizing old money will also impact over corruption where India leads several countries. Hope for the well and better fortune of the country.



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